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Straight forward solutions for enhancing your digital presence…

With SALES being our driving metric


Are you in the custom screen industry?  Commercial and/or Residential, Installer, Referral, Distributor, Dealer?  We specialize in the custom screen industry – building your online presence, targeting audiences, capturing new leads, qualifying prospects and much more!


First the basics – Our website services, included with all site packages.

Site Setup & Hosting

We take care of all the technical steps to setup your domain, hosting, as well as a base site installed. No hassles, no surprises.

Backups & Updates

Following best-practices, we make daily backups that are saved off-site, so if ever anything goes wrong – you have a backup and can get up and going in no time!


Uptime & Monitoring

We monitor your site for hacks, outages, or anything else out of the ordinary & take immediate steps to get your site up or back to normal.

Analytics & Reporting

We are here to make custom reports and answer specialized questions based on your data, so you are making the most of your online presence.

Then attract new customers by way of our digital marketing services…

Email Marketing

We craft 2 emails per month for distribution to your prospect/customer email lists. Don’t have a list? That’s okay, we can work with you to create one guaranteed to bring visitors to your site!

Add Email Marketing Services for just $150/month

Social Media Marketing

We make 6 posts a month on up to 3 Social Media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.) so that your customers and prospects are reminded of you throughout their day.

Add Social Media Marketing for just $150/month.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

With Search/Display campaigns, we get your ad directly in front of a targeted audience – you tell us who you want to target & we build ads that appear in their search and website ads.

Add Pay-Per-Click campaigns, starting at $150/month + ad budget.


Screen Sales In-A-Box


  1. Complete intake form
  2. Site completed within 3 business days

Simple – Direct – Set Pricing


Outside-the-box Custom Site


  1. Select/Design Base Site
  2. Consultation Sessions to Customize

Specialized – Targeted – Personalized

Contact us for pricing.

WHY ScreenConsultingDS


A little about ScreenConsultingDS

With a proven track record in the industry, we provide face-to-face interactions and don’t hide behind jargon or tech secrets. We know and live technology, so you don’t have to. We have managed clients digital marketing needs for over 10 years, setting up processes and frameworks that use the internet to find, inform and acquire new business. We understand that you need to see a positive impact from our services and we are confident in our ability to provide that impact. We don’t exist if we don’t make you money.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why should you consider a technology partner?

Custom screens are your business – technology is ours.  We trust you know your business and rest assured we know ours.  When you partner with ScreenConsultingDS you grow your business in all the right ways, with none of the downside.  We see ourselves as part of your team, aligning with you as you bring your business into the digital universe.

There is a whole world of innovation and advancements happening every day and as your partner we help inform you of these advancements and help make sense of it all. We do technology so you can do screens – all with your business as our focus.

Why should you consider a web site?

Websites are the storefronts of the digital age. If you want control over what you are showing on the internet and more importantly, HOW you are showing it – then you want a website. Websites, just like a storefront, come with thousands of variations – it can be overwhelming. We and Screen Consulting & Digital Sales take the complication out if it – we handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on the business at hand – knowing that your audience is being targeted and your leads being funneled into sales.

Why should your business consider digital marketing?

If you website is your storefront, digital marketing let’s the people of the internet know your storefront exists. A website alone can get traffic, but organic traffic on an unknown website requires months if not years.  Digital marketing gets people to your site by using internet data to target potential clients and display your ads on their devices. Digital marketing taps into people behaviors, habits and motivations – so we know who is looking for your services and we get your message in front of them. Digital marketing in general covers all digital channels, but we feel the biggest bang for your buck are through email marketing, social media marketing and pay-per-click campaigns.

What if you do not have a email list?

The short answer, is that we can build them for you!  Email lists are the list of email addresses that your email marketing is sent to.  Email lists are compiled from a range of sources, and we at Screen Consulting & Digital Sales have the capability to build email lists for you.  B2B contacts are scraped from internet sites and public web pages based on your location and specialization.  Customer emails are gathered from social media, website signups or other list aggregation data providers, based on your interest and investment.

Why should I advertise on social media?

One key to effective marketing is brand recognition and credibility.  By posting your products, services, projects and specials, you are building a portfolio for your prospects to browse and get familiar with before they contact you.  Giving potential customers a clear picture of what you provide and what they can expect means that the leads you receive will be more qualified and closer to closing a deal.  Social media marketing also allows for targeted displays of your ads – showing your ads to just those who have performed actions or identify with groups and/or interests that indicate they are looking or interested in your products and services.

What is Pay-Per-Click and why should I go that route?

Pay-per-click ads are those ads you generally see on Google Search, or embedded within various websites – that you only have to pay for when someone clicks your ad.  Isn’t that great?!  You don’t pay to have your ad displayed, you just pay to have it clicked.  Our track record at Screen Consulting & Digital Sales yield on average a pay-per-click cost of ~$1, meaning you only pay 1 dollar to have someone click your site who already is looking for custom screens – talk about a hot lead!

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